Our Story of Weather Modification

The first event was a complete accident. In September of 2006, we were working on the music early one morning when we looked at the clock and realized we needed to be somewhere else. We got cleaned up and ran out the door, leaving the window open and the music playing (with the air conditioning running). Even though it was late summer, the temperatures were hot and it had not rained in Ellis County, Texas for months. We completed our work for the day and when we came home, we discovered the window open and the music still playing. A day later, without any kind of warning from the Weather Bureau, it began to rain. We did not think much about it until a neighbor remarked about the music and wondered if it had something to do with the weather change. We assured him it was "just a coincidence" and really did not want to consider it any further. But as we thought about it some more, we decided to test the idea and see if there was any merit in our neighbor's suggestion. We tried it three more time and every time we played the music, it rained.

These initial tests made us realize that maybe, the Music of Heaven had a weather dimension that nobody had ever considered before. We spent the fall and winter doing more tests, but in early April of 2007, our director, Tom Mack was involved in a major auto accident. A drug-induced, teenage drunk driver struck the SUV our director was driving doing 118 miles per hours. The drunk driver was killed instantly, but Mr. Mack was badly injured in the accident and had to be life-flighted (at a cost of over $10,000) to Dallas Methodist Hospital. They did an initial medical evaluation of Mr. Mack and then sent him to the Trauma Center at Parkland Hospital, also in Dallas, Texas (the same hospital center President Kennedy was taken to). He would spend the next four months in Parkland Hospital and another three months in a Nursing Home before he was allowed to return home.

Modern Examples

In modern times, most of our efforts concerning the weather has been to learn about it and study its various tendencies in an effort to predict what the weather will be in the future. There are countless websites which study all facets of Meteorology and offer to give us some kind of a weather forecast. Sometimes they are accurate and sometimes they are not. In one of the more celebrated Beverly Hillbillies episodes (Season 2 No. 25), titled "Granny vs. the Weather Bureau," Granny taught the Weather Bureau people that animals (specifically her "weather beetle" could predict the weather better than Weather Bureau people could with all their fancy equipment. Other television shows have also poked fun at the Weather Bureau, taking them to task for their occasional failure to predict the weather accurately.

But deep in the recesses of the covert intelligence world, we learn of projects designed to modify and manipulate the weather. Famous radio programs like Coast to Coast AM and Jeff Rense occasionally broach the subject. But for the most part, research like this has been hidden deep beneath the public eye in "hush-hush" research facilities like "Area 51" in Nevada, the Los Alamos laboratories in New Mexico, and HAARP Facilities in Alaska and Long Island, New York. There are always rumors abounding that suggest much of the "chem-trail" activities are related to weather manipulation and modification. Officials of the United States Government have admitted in the past to seeding clouds with Silver Iodide with the idea of creating rain in drought-stricken areas. From time to time, we also learn of attempts by the former Soviet Union and present-day Russia, Great Britain, and other major countries, doing some kind of research into weather modification and manipulation.

If you have read some of the other pages in this section, you will have learned that the Foundation has engaged in its own weather research. to learn more about this research, click on this link to go to the download page and do your own research.

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