The Beginnings of the Music of Heaven

We first began to work on the Music of Heaven project in early 2003 when someone suggested to us that somehow, the Bible could be converted to music. Over the years, we have seen many attempts at this, but most of them did not sound very good and they made little sense. Even worse, they seemed to have very little spiritual value. We realized even then, that they were not doing something right, but even we had no idea what that could be.

Like most things, we prayed and tried a number of theories, none of which, worked any better than anyone else's attempts. We had acquired a program titled "Music from the Torah" from Austrailan Kevin Acres of Research Systems, Ltd. , Ltd., a few years before, but it was a novelty more than a research project. When we did get serious about this, we began to realize that there could be a value to the music, if it could be done correctly. We just never realized what that value could be.

We began studying the ancient Jewish texts, looking for clues. We found several times in the Old Testament, lists of musical instruments that Samuel's Company of Prophets used, and even lists of what King David used. We applied these techniques and got some very interesting sounds. We also tried adjusting the note system based upon the principles taught in the Sefer Yetzirah (download a free PDF copy here), and had some success. The real break came when we adjusted the notes to fit the numeric structure of the Torah.

Discovering the Truth by Accident

We had no idea about that value until one day in the fall of 2006 when our director left the offices for the day. He was running late, so he left the music running on his computer, but forgot to shut the windows. At that time, the north central region of Texas was suffering an extremely severe drought at the time. The conditions were so bad that "spontaneous" grass fires were erupting without any kind of warning. The day after he left the window open, an unexpected (the weather forecasters had predicted continued dry conditions) rainstorm appeared in the area. The rains lasted for two days and the drought receded. One of our neighbors suggested that the music caused the rain, but at first, we did not want to consider the possibility.

In time, we gave in to the temptation and decided to play the music when the weather conditions had dried out again so we could test what we thought had to be a ridiculous theory. However, when we duplicated our test, it rained again. We would duplicate this test (playing the music) several more times in the coming weeks, and every time we did this, it rained.

The research stopped for a time when our director was involved in a brutal auto accident and was hospitalized for several months. However, by the end of 2008, we were again testing the music. This time, not looking for rain, but breaking down the music to see what results we would get when we played different music selections. We have continued to do this work to this day. To download these music selections, visit our Download Page, our Health Page, our Weather Page, and our Tree of Life Page to download and listen to these selections on your own.