The WhiteStone Foundation for Research, Whitestone Technologies LLC, Bible Music Technologies, and Tom Mack have released the Tree of Life MP3 files. This music the fruit of fifteen years labor, developing the algorithms to convert Hebrew letters into musical notes. Since Hebrew letters have their own mathematical values assigned to them, it was easy to turn the letters into proper octaves.

Music to Change the World!

00 - Brand New - The War Against Israel's Enemies

In preparation for our series on Omegaman Radio, we prepared this music to help Israel deal with their enemies in the Promised Land.

01 - The Ministry of the Tabernacle

After weeks of research, we have finally found the opening music for this CD. When the LORD began the process of developing a culture for the Israelites, He began by first creating an environment for worship. When you study Numbers 7, you see the beginning of the construction of the Tabernacle and the placement of the Ark of the Covenant in that tabernacle. The music is designed to create an environment of worship wherever you might be. Even if your home is just a studio apartment, it can become a place of worship for a short period of time.

When we first put this CD out, we asked people to let us know how this music would work in a church service. Within weeks, a Messianic Rabbi contacted us and told us this story.

I was preparing to do the funeral of a small child who had died of unnatural means. Everyone at the service had a very heavy heart because of what happened. I played this piece at the beginning of the service and almost after playing this music, everyone in the building suddenly went into an attitude of worship and the service was unbelieveable. The funeral became I time of rejoicing that the child was going home.

Please let us know by sending us a report at

02 - Path of the Wicked

Recently, it was suggested that we come up with some music to deal with the evil that has overtaken the earth. Many in the United States of America and around the world are very concerned with the direction their countries' leadership has taken. We have no idea who kind of effect this music will have as we have not tested it. Only the media and newspapers will be able to tell us how well this music will do. If you are concerned, download the music and play it out the window. It is a small file, so it should not be a problem, even with a dial-up connection:

03 - Praise to the LORD

Coming from Psalm 145, it is one of the purest pieces of praise music to be found in the Bible. Only at the end of the Psalms did David and the other psalmists begin to understand the all the implications of praise and learn to apply them in their lives. Through this music, you can develop your own attitude of praise and learn to trust in the LORD.

04 and 05 - Breaking Babylon

In Revelation Chapters 17-18, we read of the collapse of a world system better known as "Babylon." The Old Testament parallel scripture can be found in Isaiah chapters 13 and 14, and in Jeremiah chapters 50 and 51. The references in the Old Testament would suggest that the prophecies were for ancient Babylon, but their repeating in the New Testament suggests that Babylon is more than a country. It is a poisonous religious system that began in Babylon and now controls much of the religious world. The clue comes in Daniel 2, when King Nebuchadnezzar had a dream that only the Prophet Daniel could interpret. Daniel saw a multi-faceted religious system which would start in Babylon, be spread through the Medio-Persian Empire, then assimilated by the Macedonian Empire of Alexander the Great. When Alexander the Great's kingdom broke up into four parts, the religion would remain whole. The Syrian portion would be the corrupting factor on the Jewish and later Christian faith. When the Phiabi crime family assumed control of the formal church in the fourth century, the Babylonian corruption was complete. When Mohammed arose out of Arabia, he brought back the worship of the moon god Allah and developed a complimentary but a system that would be hostile to the rest of the world.

Breaking this system will not be easy, but Isaiah and Jeremiah both told how it would be done. We are in the process of developing the music that could break the system. This music is far from being finalized, but we thought it could be made available for people to try. This music would be good to play if you would like to see your church break out of its spiritual stagnation which has been a part of 21st century church history.

06 - The Song of Moses

We developed some music based upon Exodus 15:1-19, which is known by many as the "Song of Moses." It was a song of celebration following the Y_HW_H's victory over the Egyptian Army and especially the gods of the Egyptians. We began to wonder if it too had some spiritual implications like some of our other music has had and continues to have. The music in our Weather Section, when played, creates low pressure systems and eventually rain. The music from our Health Section, when played, seems to positively affect the health of those who hear it. But having seen these events, we realize that this music can have far-reaching implications for the future. When we played this music along with the music in our Weather and Health Sections, this piece served as a catalyst. It may serve as a catalyst piece for other music objectives as well.

When we started testing this piece of music, we found that it had amazing power to balance and stabilize the earth's geomagnetic field. We also discovered that it would calm down solar x-rays, but we needed to give it some "lead time" as it takes time for sound to reach and influence the sun. While we have only had a few opportunities to test our theories, our research has proved very interesting.

Since these pieces are only three-minute pieces, they should not be a difficult download, even if you only have dial-up Internet. To download, click on the title of the music:

07 - Song of Deborah and Barak

When the Israelites forgot God in Judges 4, G_d sold them into the hands of Yabiyn (KJV: Jabin, means "intelligent") a powerful king in the land of Canaan. He had 900 iron chariots which he used to subject the Israelites for 20 years. The Israelites then repented of their wicked ways and returned to G_d. The LORD subsequently strengthened Israel and then used the first Biblical woman prophet, named Deborah, and a military leader named Barak to lead the Israelites to victory over Yabiyn and his 900 chariots of iron. This music is the song they sung after they won the battle.

08 - Touching the Future

This file represents a first for this website: we are putting up a prophetic file. "Touching the Future" comes from Zechariah 12, one of the more prophetic chapters of the Bible. It warns those who decide to intervene in the affairs of Jerusalem that they will be destroyed. This is a lesson that the United States government and other governments in the West need to learn before it is too late. Consider the fall of Great Britain after World War II as a very good example of this. Coming into the war, the sun never set on the British Empire, but shortly thereafter, they lost India, Pakistan, and their African states. Many say they lost this because they did not keep up their end of the Balfour Declaration of 1917. Maybe if we play this music enough, the United States of America will get the message and quit trying to intervene in the affairs of the Middle East.

Since these pieces are only three-minute pieces, they should not be a difficult download, even if you only have a dial-up connection to the Internet. To download, click on the title of the music:

09 - The Festival of the LORD

This tune, coming from the Psalmist Asaph, comes from Psalm 81 and is music you are likely to hear at a party and not at a church. Too many times, we think our solemn assemblies please the LORD, but here is what he says in the book of Amos:

I hate, I despise your feast days, and I will not smell in your solemn assemblies. Though ye offer me burnt offerings and your meat offerings, I will not accept them: neither will I regard the peace offerings of your fat beasts. Take thou away from me the noise of thy songs; for I will not hear the melody of thy viols.
(Amos 5:21-23)

The LORD gets very tired of seeing people trying to impress Him with sundry acts of religion. He wants a relationship with you and wants to you to share your life with Him. The preacher who stands in his pulpit and shouts, "Be still and know that I am God" seems to be really be saying, "be quiet and listen to me, the oracle of God." When you serve the LORD, He shares His life with you and your share your life with Him. Part of that sharing is relaxing and having a good time in HIm. "The Festival of the LORD" is about having a good time and doing so with the blessings of the LORD. Next time you have a party, have the DJ slip this one in the music stack and nobody will know the difference.

10 - The Festival Continues - The LORD Speaks

Another cut from Asaph, the super-psalmist of the Bible, this one mixes a party atmosphere with a message from the LORD. It sounds contradictory at first, but when you think about it, is the LORD limited by what we do? He crashed a party once before. Study Daniel 5:1-31 and learn about King Belshazzar's feast. On that night, they were warned about what was happening to them at that very moment. Think about it further, and we realize that the LORD is even around when we are having a good time. He might even want to get in on our conversations at our parties.

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