Welcome to the The Tree of Life supplemental page. This music in this section is one of the latest projects of The WhiteStone Foundation for Research. Like all the other music in The Bible Music Series, this music has never before heard by the ears of humanity. This music has the power to change your life if you are willing to let it.

Music to Change the World!


Supplemental Pieces - Dealing With Life Problems

11 - The Music of Creation

The music of Genesis 1-2, this has become one of our more popular pieces, people have been using "The Music of Creation" to reset their part of the earth to what the LORD had originally intended it to be. Some report it even undoes the work of Chemtrails and helps control severe weather. Remember that before Noah, the earth had never experienced a rainstorm. Others have used this music to help their own health problems. It is especially good for people with head and brain injuries. It helps "rewire" the programming of the brain.

12 - Break the Curse, Restore the Soul

Taken from Ezekiel 13:1-23, people have been using it when they break curses on their lives. While it is still important to vocally break the curses on your life, we have learned that playing this music when you do it will helps the process along. The verses are a prophecy against the witches and occult practitioners who use various incantations to bring people under their control and use them for their untoward purposes. Below the music download is a legal renunciation and a prayer to break the curses in your life.

We suggest that when you play this music that you say the Renunciation of Evil and then say the prayers to break the curses.

13 - Rain Machine

A combination of many scriptures, people have used this prayer to bring rain to their land when other measures have failed. We have had people send us reports of how they would open their windows, even when it was very hot outside, and play the music into the atmosphere. Other people recorded the music onto CDs and cassettes, inserted the media into their boom-boxes, and played the music outside where they needed rain. It has worked for a lot of people. We have posted other rain music which you can see on our Weather Page, but this music has been the most successful.

14 - Encounter with the LORD

This piece of music is taken from Exodus 19 and tells the story of the Israelites encounter with the LORD at the foot of Mount Sinai. It was at Mount Sinai in what is now Saudi Arabia, that Moses began the process of receiving the Torah (the Law). When we came to a certain Colorado Mountain, we played this music at the foot of a mountain and it was not long before the clouds came on that mountain. The presence of the LORD could be felt on that mountain. We cannot guarantee that this will happen to you, but we decided to post this music, and let other people try.

We will probably add a few more selections to this CD before we are done. so bookmark this page and check back often. You can also Subscribe To Our Podcast and get the music as we release it.

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